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The life and times of DVII [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2004|11:14 pm]
god damn angels lost both games this weekend. Figgins hit a home run though, it was sweet. He's probly my favorite player and i'd never seen him hit a home run before since he only hits one like once a month.

Blah i don't have shit going on, so neener neener.
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/savedforever [Jun. 4th, 2004|03:14 am]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Disturbed - Fade To Black -Live-]

regarding the legibility of 3am conversations

dustsettles: well shit son what do you expect?
SmAshiNgDV2: i dont' expect anything
SmAshiNgDV2: i don't know, you continue to confuse me
dustsettles: well good because great things come when they are unexpected
dustsettles: hahaha only as i continue to confuse myself
dustsettles: i think the more you get to know me, the more confusing i get
SmAshiNgDV2: and together we pick up the scattered pieces and try to puzzle our lives together :P
dustsettles: hahahahaha yeah but we usually aren't even sure which side is up
SmAshiNgDV2: lol
SmAshiNgDV2: "nono laura, the picture goes up"
dustsettles: hahahahaha
dustsettles: damn i forgot again

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Travel Wars Episode VII: Return to Riverside [Jun. 3rd, 2004|10:49 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Oleander - Tightrope]

ya so i got back to hell, i mean, beautiful riverside california yesturday. Spent the weekend not doing much. It's gotten pretty shitty because Leanna is being retarded and doesn't want to be mature about us. That's fucking bullshit. She needs to learn to put her goddamn feelings about what happened aside so we can both hangout with the same people. Fuck her.

My last day in chico i spent with laura; we got up hella early to go rent movies and chill. I made her my famous tacos, which wern't so famous because we kinda messed up the seasoning lol. Then we just watched super troopers and club dread. She was feeling like crap because her boychild was being a dick, but i did a pretty good job of cheering her up. I mean shit, who can resist the charms of the tacos? :P

My mom is out of her mind. She served my dad with the divorce papers this weekend, and like half of it was bullshit. First of all, my sister is 18 living in san jose, which my dad is paying for, and she wants child support for it? lol And job performance bonuses calculated as monthly income? riiightt. Pay more per month for money you might not get... that'll go down fine.

Well shit i might come back next weekend for a bit, which would be cool. Next time after that is my birthday which isn't for a month. That reminds me, I need to get everyone into paintball mode :)
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goin back [May. 26th, 2004|11:43 pm]
[mood |awake]
[music |A Perfect Circle - The Package]

Well the baseball games were cool last weekend, Vlad absolutely crushed one, and I got a good pick of Halter's home run swing. Ya i'm going back to chico tomarrow, woot. Nothing much to talk about, i just got City of Hero's so it's takin most my free time when i'm out of town. Pretty tight, spandex has never been so cool :P
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FEWD and BASURA [May. 19th, 2004|10:55 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |Orgy - Pure]

this was just too funny not to keep

ageofnosence: i feel close to him
ageofnosence: but i dont love him
ageofnosence: ok i dont even feel close to him
ageofnosence: he's nice to have around
SmAshiNgDV2: LOL
ageofnosence: yeah
SmAshiNgDV2: he's like your parents dog
ageofnosence: lol
SmAshiNgDV2: fun to play with sometimes
ageofnosence: lol
ageofnosence: yeah
SmAshiNgDV2: as long as you don't have to feed him and take him for walks
ageofnosence: or neuter him
SmAshiNgDV2: LOL

And guys have reps as using chicks?
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everyone's a loser! [May. 19th, 2004|10:05 pm]
[mood |depends on the angels game]
[music |Mystic Roots - Constant Struggle]

Well there's one out to go in the ninth, and once kotchman gets out the Angels will lose, along with the Kings and Sharks being eliminated from the playoffs tonight. Well that's pretty shitty, kotchman's out and EVERYONE'S A LOSER

I'll be at the game tomarrow night for the finale against the damn yankees, hopefully they'll win. The angels payroll is just over 100 million this year, and 37 million of that is on the disabled list. With all the injuries they've still got the best record in the majors, but it's gonna be hard to keep up with everyone so busted up.

So anyways, i guess i'm going to oregon for a few days the first week of june, right after i goto chico for a few days. Time off is cool, since i haven't done shit except goto ballgames for like the last 3 weeks. Well besides disneyland, but cmon, disneyland is for kiddies.

We're hosting Mystic Roots at johns house in a week from sat, assuming we can get everything together for it. I wont be back until that thursday so they'll have to do some planning for it. All they really need to do is buy keg and get everyone else in the apartments in on it. Problem is we're all so lazy that's actually like a mammoth task :P

dustsettles: yeah i saw the end of the kings game
SmAshiNgDV2: in and out
SmAshiNgDV2: good in food, not in basketball

Went and saw Troy on friday, but i made a big mistake... I watched it in palm springs. If you've never been there, PS has the biggest gay to straight ratio anywhere. Now i have nothing against gay people, but the ones there are different. They have the "I'm gay, WHAT! Ya that's right bitch, I'm gonna be as outwardly gay infront of you as i can, and if you don't like it, you can suck my dick." We go in the lobby and it's full of about 40 year old men all hugging and kissing. My dad was like "So what's bringing them all here?" I was like uhhh... "Maybe Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom hav something to do with it" lol.

I wasn't laughing once the movie started however. Remember back when the LotR movies were in the theaters and all the girls would squeel over legolas? Ya try that with guys screaming over other guys. Probly 75% of the crowd was gay, and everytime Pitt or Bloom had a sex scene they'd all scream, yell out some comment, and as a group "oooohhhhhhh". It was disgusting. Actually it got so bad a guy a few seats over actually got up and said "cmon guys some of us want to enjoy a movie". Nothing is worse then being surrounded by 45 year old guys screaming cat calls at brad pitt every 5 minutes... I wanted to go take a shower.

Not only that, but any comment that isn't the slightest bit sexual got an ooohhhh from them. When Eric Bana's character would say "i love you brother" and likewise they all started squirming and ooooooohhhh-ing. Then again if i was gay i'd probly be screaming at brad pitt too. :P

Anyways it was a good movie. Great fighting. It was actually really unique in the fact that there is no good and bad. The story is told from both sides, and Pitt's character who you go in thinking is the hero is really more of an anti-hero. Go see it for yourself, just not in palm springs.

And i'm spent
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back [May. 18th, 2004|10:21 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |A Perfect Circle - The Outsider]

ya i got my computer back online, woot. anyways... ANGELS WIN!! heh. Going to see the yankees on thursday and then the orioles on sunday. Anyways theres lots of stuff to talk about but i'm to tired to do it, so HAH.
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zandi esta muy malo [May. 14th, 2004|12:34 am]
[mood |distresseddistressed]
[music |Slipknot - Gently]

diddo kiddo
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nothingness [May. 12th, 2004|11:02 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |Orgy - Blue Monday]

well lets just say the highlight of my day was eating chicken, that's how blah it was. Only thing that happened is i finally blocked leanna on IM because i hate being reminded of her every time i open up Trillian. She'll probly appreciate it too heh. Not much else though, today was full of nothing.
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try penis [May. 11th, 2004|11:10 pm]
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |Disturbed - Conflict]

every fucking team chocked tonight; angels, sharks, giants. oh well, shit happens then you die.

nothin cool happened, went to work and was hella tired from talking to laura for so long. i passed out when i got back for like 3 hours.

here's something i don't get; how come girls stick with guys that are total assholes? There's a bunch of people i know that get treated like shit half the time, and get get treated nice but used the other half of the time. They'll ditch them, blow them off, call them names, yell at them and then the next day come back like. "I'm sorry baby... i was mean... yer so purdy... -insert innocence look-" and it's like everything's okay. 5 minutes later they're just asking for pussy, and once they get it they're assholes again until they want more action. Cmon girls seriously, don't put up with that shit, especially if all you do is bitch about it.

Random quote of the day:
ageofnosence: tired of bumps and irratation after shaving your bikini line?
ageofnosence: try penis!

unless of course your a male porn star, and shave anyways. There's some guys that shave their whole bodies religiously too... strangely, they tend to have names that rhyme with eeth.

sleep time, before midnight for once
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